Train Rolls On

by Doom Division

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released October 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Doom Division Stuttgart, Germany

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Track Name: All In
I am the gamblin‘ man
I go downtown to lay my money down
Life is a game that I don’t play
I’m wasting time
That’s what most people say

All in – just got paid today
But I don’t save it ‘till the break of the next day
All in – I ain’t got no dime
I’ve lost it all but I had a great time

Some you win
Some you lose
Women, cards and dice
I drown ‘em all in booze
And when I come home in the morning
I couldn’t save one buck
But when I’m out of luck
I just don’t give a damn
Track Name: Jesus Chrysler
I’m in love with a hot rod baby
She loves me too and I don’t mean maybe
When she picks me up and we’re gonna do a ride
Hot rod baby take me home tonight
Cruising down the coast with no special place to go
All that I do is just riding for the show
I’m on the road, I’m on a race
I took off to a distant place

Roll on Jesus Chrysler
Roll on down the road

I like the smell of burning gasoline
I like the sound of a muscle car machine
The only time I’m satisfied is when I’m on a hot rod ride
Shiny chrome and speed is all I need
As I’m rolling down the hot concrete
Upon my stone they wrote a note:
Lord, take me to the promised road

Eyes on the road and hand upon the wheel
That's how the trip begins
From now until the day she dies
She rolls for our sins
Roll on, keep rollin’ on forever
I don’t want to arrive
Step on the gas and let that engine roar
God gave eternal drive
Track Name: Back In Town
Once I caught a freight train and it took me far away
I did not know if I’d come back some day
But where were you when I left home one morning
You used to roam around
All alone I went down to the station
I had to leave this town

Everything still looks the same
Since I stepped into that train
Lord knows I’ve been around
But now I’m back in town

Now I caught a freight train and it took me right back home
Back to the town I left you on your own
But you were gone when I came home this morning
You should have been around
All alone I stood down at the station
As I came back to town
Track Name: Engine Room
Don’t look for me where the sun does shine
You’ll find me working down at the turbine
Step beside, get out of my way
It’s hard enough without you anyway

Sweat is my perfume
I do belong down at the engine room
Come down and take a look so you can see who I am
It don’t take much to make me satisfied
Down in this room I’m gonna die

You don’t know nothing ‘bout the job I got to do
I’m doing all the dirty work for you
This business you don’t understand
Just let me get back to work again

I don’t get paid like a big talking man
Who tries to tell me what to do
But I don’t want the engine to break down
It runs better without you
Track Name: Crossroad Blues
When I woke up this morning I had to hit the road again
I packed my bags and headed down the highway
Just like it’s always been
So long, farewell
I’m going down the river
But you my friend stay standing at the crossroads
And no one’s gonna pick you up

I need no goal as long as I roll
Run, you can run and tell my baby that I’m gone
Drifting down a lonesome highway
Which is the road you’re gonna choose?
When I’m gone don’t let the wheel stop turning
You’re gonna get the crossroad blues

When you woke up this morning the sun was going down
Remained the same and missed to leave this godforsaken town
So long, farewell
Goodbye, that’s all she wrote
I might come back and meet you at the crossroads
That’s where you fell down on your knees
Track Name: Eight Pints And Broken Glass
Enter the bar
I got myself another drink
The jukebox plays just Rock’n’Roll
And I don’t care what you may think
Smoked up fucked up
This honky tonk turned out to be
The only place in this ol’ town
Nobody points at me
Throw bottles and spit against the wall
When in Rome do as the romans do

You want to know what it is all about?
Come on in and find out!
I live inside a mess
Eight Pints and broken glass

Hey there, bartender!
Won’t you pour another round?
Want to take just one more shot before I hit the ground
Another bar another scar
My body’s just a tool
Broken glass and broken bones
Another broken rule
Now you’re lying – underneath the table
Nobody took a look when you fell off your chair

And now you know what this is all about!
You’re stuck within there’s no way out!
Our life’s a total mess
Eight pints and broken glass
Track Name: Hard Working Man
Got another job that demands all my time
Standing all day long at the assembly line
Daylight comes I’ll be on my way
You can see me working my whole life away

Late at night I’m still doing my job
Everybody’s gone but I just can’t stop
So far from home but I got to get this done today
I got kids to feed and I got bills to pay

Look at me now I am a hard working man
I work my hands down to the bone
Everybody knows I am a hard working man
Like my father was
All my life I’ll be a hard working man
That’s my destiny
All that it takes to be a hard working man
Is all you’ve got to give

You won’t see me taking a rest in the shade
All day long I’ve been down in the dirt with my spade
Digging a hole at the local graveyard
I die young from working so hard
Track Name: Prison
I’m doing time
I pay for what I have done
Since the day I’ve been locked away
I am a stranger to my son
Judge’s words were right
He opened up my mind
Walking right in and walk right out
You leave this broken man behind

I go to prison I know the reason why
There’s no use to beg for mercy or hang my head and cry
I am in prison and that’s alright with me
All those innocent inmates
They’re not like me

Still counting days inside this concrete cell
I can’t complain there’s only me to blame
I chose a life in hell
Justice is done I got my ball and chain
Until the day my time will come
I’ll be a number not a name

Priest gave this promise to me:
On the day that I’ll be changing my ways I will be free
Track Name: Train Rolls On
Restless I spend my life out on the road
I’m driven to take a trip into the setting sun
In every town I left behind I’ll always be the desperate stranger
Once I turned my back to everything
Lonesome, freedom, oblivion
There’s never been a coming back

These days I hear the whistle blow again
Bye bye! I’ll be gone before the dawn
I’ll grab my guitar and my hat
Prepared to leave all this behind
Kiss me goodbye
I’m gonna hit the railroad track

Hate me, miss me, forget me
You do better without me
Forgive me and my travelling bone
A man like me will always be alone
Someday you will find another one

Late at night
Eyes opened wide
The whistle blows my name
I cannot stay when seasons change and distance is calling
Back on the track again

You know that I was never meant to stay
I’m bound to ride the hellbound train
And on the day that I will die nobody’s gonna pray for me
I’ll rest until the whistle blows again

I’m on my way

Decision’s done
I’m on the run
Soon I’ll be gone
I’m coming home
Train rolls on